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Africa gets a boost in aviation security

A programme developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in collaboration with the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University has seen 20 more people graduate from the Aviation Security Professional Management course, an advanced aviation security training programme which carries a formal designation of AVSEC PM. The latest group to graduate brings to 500 the number of people that have successfully completed the programme.

The group officially graduated at an event in Kempton Park hosted by Airports Company South Africa. The 20 aviation security professionals who graduated last night include seven people from South Africa.

Speaking at the event, Jason Tshablala, group manager for security at Airports Company South Africa said: “We are honoured to be able to host this graduation for ICAO as the organisation which sets, maintains and monitors aviation standards and practices for all countries.

We believe that the African Continental Free Trade Agreement will provide a boost for air travel both within the continent and globally, which should make application of the highest standards in aviation security a priority for Africa.

“Aviation security is critical to those of us in the airports business where we have to contend with a variety of potential threats that are always evolving. Aviation security is a specialised field and the availability of suitably qualified professionals is crucial to ensuring the security of the travelling public,” he said.

The aviation security programme is one of the essential elements of ICAO’S global drive to develop a broad base of skills in the field and enhance the safety and security of passengers.

“ICAO has been active for many years in helping countries to implement ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). The main goal of this work is to help ensure that SARP implementation is better harmonised globally so that all countries have access to the significant socio-economic benefits of safe and reliable air transport,” said Tshabalala.

“We believe that the African Continental Free Trade Agreement will provide a boost for air travel both within the continent and globally, which should make application of the highest standards in aviation security a priority for Africa.

“In this context, the AVSEC PM qualification is a significant aspect of ICAO’s efforts to resolve Significant Security Concerns (SSCs) brought to light through ICAO’s security oversight audits as well as other security and emissions-related objectives,” said Tshabalala.

AVSEC PM qualification

The aim of the Aviation Security Professional Management Course is to provide aviation security middle and senior management personnel with new management skills and a greater understanding of the application of Annex 17 of ICAO’S Standards and Recommended Practices.

The training programme is designed to equip aviation security management personnel with the ability to perform more complex and diverse tasks and display greater communicative and management skills to meet new and emerging threats to civil aviation.

The programme comprised of 70% security and 30% management is devised for air transportation industry managers, or future managers, whose functions involve responsibilities in the area of aviation security.

Students successfully completing the programme have permanent access to an exclusive e-network community of aviation security experts who have successfully completed the PMC curriculum. This community facilitates the sharing of information and optimises the diffusion of knowledge relevant to international aviation security requirements and best practices, training strategies and promotes intra-regional and international cooperation among its members.

The AVSEC PM graduating class of 2019 includes:

Given Names Surname Country Position Company
Stanley Jansen South Africa Supervisor Aviation Services Airports Company South Africa
Bradford Wood South Africa H.O.D K9 Law Enforcement
Muhammad Masud Pervez Rana Bangladesh Assistant Manager Security Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd.
Julian Gouws Namibia Acting Chief AVSEC NCAA
Mario Joseph Kenya Logistics Officer United Nations Support Office in Somalia
Fanuel Matavire Zimbabwe AVSEC Supervisor G4S Secure Solutions (Iraq)
Jan Cuypers Belgium Aviation Business Transformation Manager Securitas Transport Aviation Services
Marco Henar Suriname Administrative Manager Secure Airline Security
Calista Goabas Namibia Leading AVSEC officer Namibia Airports Company
Azmat  Rehman United Arab Emirates Ground Operations Officer Abu Dhabi Aviation
Mirlen Brown South Africa Quality Manager Bidair Cargo
Cornelius Claassen South Africa Training Manager Contracting
Abdoulie Colley Gambia Director of Airport Operations Gambia Civil Aviation Authority
Gaolatlhe Mokae Botswana National Chief Inspector – AVSEC/FAL Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana
Marisa Taino South Africa Aviation Security Inspector:  Airports and Airlines South African Civil Aviation Authority
Cynthia Dlamini South Africa Air Cargo Inspector South African Civil Aviation Authority
Agnes  Nyabuti Kenya Senior Aviation Security Inspector Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
Milton  Ogola Kenya Senior Aviation Security Inspector Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
Zanele  Zwane South Africa Aviation Security Inspector South African Civil Aviation Authority
Albert  Outoka Ekaya Kenya Security Manager Kenya Airways


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