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Webfleet solutions: a step above the rest

One could be forgiven for thinking that vehicle tracking systems on offer by telematics companies are all the same. Telematics – a method of monitoring a vehicle by using GPS and onboard diagnostics to record movements on a computerised map – is a trusted way to supply relevant data to the end user. All available systems in the market profess to be able to do that. But which vehicle tracking system can provide data to its customers in a user-friendly way? Enter Webfleet Solutions …

“In the interests of keeping it simple, Webfleet Solutions provides data in a user-friendly way, via a dashboard that provides the customer only with the information they really want,” explains Justin Manson, sales director for South Africa. “We realise that every business needs to measure different criteria. For example, we have several customers who require tracking cross-border, and for them, we charge a fixed monthly roaming fee, unlike some who are charging exorbitant amounts for this service.

“We offer real-time tracking so that customers can stay informed on the location of their vehicles at all times, whilst also providing them with access to real-time traffic and navigation. What is more, our PRO devices enable communication with the drivers while they are on the road and can even send new orders to update their route,” he adds.

WEBFLEET – Fleet Optimisation system assists in planning

Order Optimisation is a new feature on WEBFLEET that allows the user to optimise their job schedule in just one mouse-click. According to Manson, compared to other optimisation solutions in the market, this particular feature offers basic functionality, providing an easy step up to the more advanced solutions as delivered by their .Connect partners that specialise in workflow and order optimisation. The advantages? Planning and scheduling become easier and faster, accurate ETAs are provided to customers, drivers are kept on optimal routes, and mileage, admin and fuel costs are reduced, thereby freeing up capacity to take on more jobs.

Connecting to the WEBFLEET solution is easy with a WEBFLEET PRO Driver Terminal. This one system supports seamless communication with the team in the field, helping to streamline workflow, thereby keeping customers happy.

Unique telematics solution for greener driving

Webfleet Solutions allows you to have a simple track and trace solution when a Link device is installed, which allows customers to track and trace your vehicle and always have visibility over your vehicles. For a more complex solution, an Eco device can be added to measure fuel consumption as can PRO devices to communicate with drivers, in-vehicle training, live traffic routing and orders being pushed to the device.

Professional Navigation and Traffic Avoidance system boosts productivity

“Being stuck in traffic affects worker productivity and impacts on your service and planning,” cautions Manson. “Webfleet Solutions has years of experience and provides a complex network of live traffic data and advanced algorithms, all working to achieve efficient fleet management.

“Drivers can rely on TomTom Traffic and be alerted to traffic jams and traffic congestion thanks to TomTom’s trillions of data points collected from hundreds of millions of connected devices, which are used with live traffic views to accurately predict and help avoid traffic.”

The company’s navigation technology is further equipped with a database of real driving times to calculate the fastest route, locate speed cameras and safely arrive at driver terminals, thereby vastly contributing towards road safety.


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