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Building the Business Case for Integrated Supply Chain Systems

Application Programming Interfaces or APIs are proving to be just what the new world of remote interaction needs.

According to Renko Bergh, COO of Forte Data Solutions, APIs are the solution to allowing systems to work together more efficiently and faster, while people work more and more remotely.

“APIs enable new digital products and business models and create new business channels,” he explains. “They provide the ability to query the real-time status of an order, product, or shipment easily throughout the digital supply network ecosystem. Thus, providing the ability to reflect this connected data strings in one central dashboard.”

He says successful companies view central dashboards and business intelligence as a solution to a business problem rather than a technology implementation.

“Successful companies look beyond discrete IT solutions. They develop a strategy that incorporates business objectives, available technology, the company’s legacy technology, supply chain processes, and governance,” he explains.

“For many executives, taking the first steps forward can feel like walking an obstacle course in the dark. The market is full of conflicting information about what true central visualization of the supply chain entails. Creating central visualization that covers the entire supply chain is a huge strategic effort, but there is no need to wait for the perfect solution. Leadership teams can lay the foundations in a series of logical steps that deliver immediate gains.”

Forte Data Solutions’ FLOW platform-as-a-service recently launched an additional integration adaptor targeted at the transport industry. This integration involves a prominent telematics provider with an equally widely used customizable transport management software in South Africa.

“This is part of our strategy with FLOW-connect to integrate best of breed transport telematics systems and truck driver handhold device software providers, with transport management software tools. By offering these APIs, we strive to eliminate user double capturing and the seamless flow of transactions through the business process.”

Once integration between systems are established, we then provide the ability for the combined data sources to be viewed in a central web-based portal via FLOW-visibility. “Data becomes information, once users can relate and make decisions with it”. We strive to reach this goal by deploying more API’s and then displaying the data in a readable and industry relevant manner.

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