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The Corridor from Walvis Bay in Namibia through Zambia and into the DRC

Walvis Bay corridor best in region – AUC

The Corridor from Walvis Bay in Namibia through Zambia and into the DRC is the best-developed, safest, least congested and quickest route in the region for exports and imports into Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), says Traolach Moylan, marketing and business development manager of Africa Union Cargo (AUC).

The company has developed and is operating a 30 000sqm multipurpose dry port situated within the Walvis Bay harbour precinct.  “Over the past 12 years AUC has developed strong relationships with Namport, transporters, shipping lines and clearing agents, allowing us to offer a most economical, safe and efficient cargo handling and logistics solution,” says Moylan.

The Zambia terminal is the result of a joint agreement between the Zambian and Namibian governments which allows Zambian importers and exporters to have a dedicated facility inside one of the most efficient and safest ports in Africa, he adds.

Users of the facility enjoy the benefits of an efficient and cost-effective terminal and contribute towards the Zambian fiscus as the government of Zambia is a shareholder in the terminal, he adds. Situated around a kilometre from the new Namport Container Terminal, the facility has 72 reefer plugs, a reach stacker, forklifts and experienced staff.

Suitable for all types of cargo, it is split into two sections of 10 000sqm and 20 000sqm respectively. There is a direct rail line and siding so that all modes of cargo can be received either by road or rail.

Clive Smith, who joined AUC as CEO in January, has implemented several new measures to ensure that service standards are improved. “Our philosophy is that we have partners rather than clients, thus our focus is geared towards delivering high-impact value through sustainable relations with all our stakeholders,” says Smith.

World Health Organisation and Namibian government Covid-19 regulations are being strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all staff and partners. “AUC and the Zambia terminal have a close-knit relationship with the wider corridor stakeholders to ensure that cargo moves quickly while adhering to all safety measures for drivers and cargo alike through our borders during these testing times.

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