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Truck-mounted forklifts offer increased safety, enhanced productivity and profitability during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Shamrock Handling Concepts team is committed to assisting customers cope efficiently with load handling and delivery solutions in the face of unprecedented challenges during the COVID crisis.

“As companies try to streamline business activities at this difficult time, it is even more important to take extra care to maintain pristine hygiene standards throughout the supply chain – including packaging, transport, unloading and storage of goods,” says Brenton Kemp, managing director, Shamrock Handling Concepts, distributors in Southern Africa of quality-branded materials handling equipment. “What’s critical right now – in every area of our lives – is to maintain social distancing and ensure hygienic business practices. The use of Moffett forklift trucks, which minimises the handling of products, certainly reduces the risk of contamination, product damage and injuries.

“Unlike manual operations that demand side-by-side work and increased product handling, Moffett truck-mounted forklifts reduce the need for human contact with each other and products, which increases safety and protects product integrity.

“Our extensive range of quality branded handling equipment encompasses Moffett truck-mounted forklifts, which have been developed for over 40 years, to optimise safety, deliver high-precision, versatility, profitability and that coveted competitive-edge every company strives for.

“Added to this, labour costs are lowered and turnaround times on-site can be improved by as much as 50%. The increased volume of deliveries contributes to greater profitability, improved customer service levels and also allows for a reduction of capital investment costs in your vehicle fleet.”


What’s notable about Moffett forklifts is they are compatible with nearly any truck or trailer combination and can be dismantled in under a minute. Another advantage is that this truck-mounted forklift fits conveniently at the rear of a truck or trailer, taking up minimal precious load space.

The Moffett range of truck-mounted forklifts encompasses the latest generation machines – the NX series – incorporating the latest technology and advanced design for high productivity, greater safety, improved operator comfort and low maintenance requirements.

The new NX series, with an efficient power to weight ratio, includes a range of machines for all applications, including industrial, semi-industrial and rough terrain sectors.

Attachments – comprising telescopic forks, fork positioners and extensioners, integrated sideshifts and rotators – have been specially-designed for the safe and dependable handling of a wide range of goods. These include food and beverage commodities, chemicals and industrial gas, agricultural and building supplies. These versatile machines are also used safely for fire and rescue operations.

Shamrock Handling Concepts offers a standard three-year warranty with every Moffett forklift, as well as a dependable support service.

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