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TELLAP pallet-free bulk bags for safe and efficient packing and transport in the mining sector


Becker’s range of Kito hoists includes food grade electric chain hoists, designed for safe lifting applications in contaminant controlled and corrosive processing environments – particularly the food and beverage sector, where pristine cleanliness is critical.

“Kito food grade ER2 series electric chain hoists – with capacities between 0,5 t and 2 t – meet the highest quality, hygiene and safety standards for lifting equipment used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing,” says Rick Jacobs, Senior General Manager (SGM) for Consumables, Becker Mining South Africa. “It is critical that all equipment used in the food and beverage industry complies with stringent quality and safety requirements, to eliminate food safety risks.

“Food grade lubricants used on the Kito food grade load chain and in the gearbox are NSF H1 compliant for safe use in any facility where incidental contact with products is a concern.”

Standard features of the Kito food grade ER2 series include white epoxy paint, stainless steel and nickel-plated hardware, nickel-plated load chain, food grade oil and grease, a fail-safe brake and an extreme duty TEFC fan cooled motor.

Other standard features are Grade 80 case hardened chain an IP55 Index Protection rating to guard against the ingress of dust and water and compliance with stringent global electrical, safety performance and environmental standards. These hoists are available as single speed units or with adjustable 2-speed and dual speed selection.

Optional corrosive-resistant trolley kits comprise a stainless steel bottom hook, stainless steel rubber cushions and nickel plated stoppers on the no-load side and on 0,5 t and 1 t hoists and a stainless steel chain spring and limit plate on the 2 t units.

Optional corrosive-resistant trolley kits include stainless steel trolley wheels, stainless steel guide rollers (MR2) and a nickel-plated suspension shaft and suspender.


Specially-designed accessories, for added convenience and enhanced performance, consist of stainless steel, fabric and plastic chain containers, as well as protective silicone pendant covers.

Mounting options include hook to hook, motorised trolley, plain trolley or geared trolley for smooth, precise and easy traversing and positioning. A single and dual-speed motorised trolley for improved load control and fixing perpendicular as standard, or parallel to the beam for operation in tight spaces.

Maintaining safe and stable operation is critical for lifting equipment. To ensure these hoists are in pristine condition and operate effectively, it is critical they are tested regularly at Becker Mining SA’s workshops, or at any certified repair centre.

Becker’s extensive range of environmentally friendly Kito hoists, which includes manual and electric chain hoists and lever blocks, boasts reliable operation, enhanced safety, easy maintenance and extended service life in any application, including high frequency and long lift operations.

These hoists are available nationally from Becker Mining SA and a network of carefully selected distributors, which offer a technical advisory, repair, test and back up service.

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