Air Tanzania resumes flights to Zambia

Air Tanzania has resumed flights to Lusaka, Zambia with its first flight successfully landing on the 27th of October 2020.

The plane which landed around 17 hours, was flown by 32-year-old captain Linias Mtimba who has over 7 years of experience. Captain Mtimba said that they had a smooth flight.

Mtimba said that Air Tanzania had continued to fly locally despite the covid 19 pandemic because Tanzania was never on total lock down and that no worker was laid off.

He disclosed that businesses in Tanzania ever since the outbreak of covid 19 have continued to operate normally.

And Director of Airport Services at the Zambia Airports Corporation Limited – ZACL Azzaam Bvulani said that the coming back of air Tanzania to Zambia is a very significant development in terms of air services.

He added that it marks an exit from covid 19 lockdown and it’s a sign of confidence with regards to air travel and travel safety measures that have been put in place by the two countries.

Bvulani said that, they are delighted that Air Tanzania has resumed flights earlier than expected and that it will help in the development of alternative routes into the country and also bring development in the country and in the region at large.

He disclosed that, with the coming back of Air Tanzania, there shall be a reduction in travel fees in the region and continent as well as create an opening up of economies to regional trade.

Bvulani said that, they are expecting additional airlines. He disclosed that recently South Africa relaunched Air link into Zambia and that they are still in discussion with Air link as regards to additional routes as well as frequency of use of larger air crafts.

However, Bvulani said that the next two years are going to be very challenging because for the industry as there is still quite a lot of work to do, but that they are very happy that Air Tanzania is back.

He has urged members of the general public to have faith in the airline industry and do research on local, national and international levels.

Bvulani said that, they have invested in a lot of efforts in to ensure that travel is very safe, comfortable and cost effective. And that they shall continue to work with the government and other agencies in order to ensure that they unlock air space going forward.

And Station Manager of Air Tanzania in Lusaka Dominic Louis said that, they are proud that Air Tanzania has come back to the market from the time restrictions we placed due to the covid 19 pandemic. He said that the last flight to Zambia by Air Tanzania was March 2020

Louis disclosed that Air Tanzania is the only airline that provides direct travel route from Lusaka to Dar es Salaam. He also said that they are happy to be back and provide connectivity to service the tourism, trade and business customers. He also urged the members of the general public to fly with Air Tanzania because it is convenient and has direct access from Zambia to Dar se Salaam.

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