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Ctrack offers a variety of solutions for driver management

Vehicles are an expensive, and important asset in any business and the way they are used can have a significant impact on the success of a business. Managing vehicles and drivers is a complex task, fortunately solutions like Ctrack’s driver management suite can eliminate the guesswork of vehicle management and ensure optimal running of your fleet. Good drivers support a positive reputation while drivers who breach road regulations not only risk their own safety but that of others. They also cause additional costs for the business such as fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Ctrack offers a range of solutions to support business with driver performance and management across multiple drivers groups and vehicles. These solutions include a driver behaviour indicator that detects harsh acceleration, braking and cornering while driver fatigue is managed with the help of front, rear and in-cab cameras.

Improving the driver behaviour of your employees can benefit your business through better kilometres per litre, lower fuel bills, enhanced driver safety and reduced accident rates as well as less fleet administration and vehicle maintenance costs

Ctrack driver management tools succeed at providing you with multiple solutions to ensure your operations run effectively, efficiently, safely, and allow fleet operators to manage drivers, asset access, and driver behaviour across multiple vehicles and assets remotely.

Data leads to change

The data harvested from these systems makes it possible to upskill operators and ensure the safety of both workforce and assets. Fleet managers can provide direct operator behaviour feedback to their staff using indicators through Ctrack software applications, visible on mobile devices, as well as vehicle in-cab peripherals or electronic data sets.

Innovative driver management solutions

Ctrack’s driver management solutions allow companies to accurately identify, control and manage their drivers. Integration with peripherals such as breathalysers prevent access to vehicles from intoxicated drivers, and safety requirements such as the failure to wear seatbelts can also be reported.

Drivers can be identified through various mechanisms such as the Dallas iButton, RF ID Cards, and even virtual driver pins. Driving behaviour monitoring then ensures that the correct person is behind the wheel and that your vehicle is being driven in a satisfactory manner with parameters that keep an eye on factors such as speed, harsh braking, irregular stops and many more.

The “In-cab” driver display unit aids the driver with critical information such as job dispatching, navigation and messaging, allowing the driver to focus on the task at hand, which is driving the vehicle safely, while having access to all the information needed to do their job in an efficient manner.

Various camera options, further allow live video and replays of incidents on the road, that could support and reduce insurance claims, including supporting possible litigation against your company and the driver involved in such cases.

Engine performance monitoring ensures that the vehicle is driven efficiently by keeping an eye on engine speed and will also alert fleet managers to excessive periods of idling.

The Driver Mobi application allows drivers to view their driver behaviour scores as well as complete their logbook by marking journeys as business or private and also conduct vehicle checks before start-ups, via their smartphone.

Ctrack have industry solutions to track a variety of assets including cars, trucks, trailers, containers, generators, packages and confidential deliveries, which is why Ctrack is a one stop shop for all your fleet management needs.

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