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Faymonville CombiMAX enables historic move in Mozambique

Maritime engineering plays a key role in the worldwide heavy lift business. For an offshore project in the south of Africa, CombiMAX modular trailer combinations take on an important function for the supply of material weighing tonnes.

Large components for a gas project have started to arrive in Mozambique and are partly stored in Maputo in the south of the country. Some 12 km of chains and more than 60 cable reels arrive by sea. While the reels with a height of over 5 m tip the scales at 65 t, the individual chains and their steel baskets can weigh up to 150 t.

For their transport from the port to a storage site, the team from Transportes Lalgy deploys a total of 18 axle lines of Faymonville CombiMAX, configured into two trailers of 8 and 10 axles with gooseneck each.

General Director Aly Lalgy considers himself lucky for having acquired his first modular trailer three years ago. “This acquisition opened more possibilities for our company in the field of heavy transports. The quality and reliability of the Faymonville trailers as well as the thorough training are a decisive factor for the successful execution of this and many other projects in Maputo.”

For several years, Lalgy had been operating a 7-axle CombiMAX setup, which was recently completed by another 11 axle lines with numerous accessories. Mining and construction equipment on an excavator deck, mobile cranes or industrial goods on an extra-low vessel bridge or very long cargo using the add-on-beam: The Mozambican specialists are now in a position to build up to three different combinations at a time, thereby immensely diversifying their scope of transport solutions. With this new expansion, they became a leading player in the region to master a large range of heavy haul jobs.

For the recent mission in Maputo, they worked together with Bolloré Transport & Logistics and their O&G project manager Michael De Abreu. He shares the positive experience with Faymonville equipment: “I already had the chance to benefit from Faymonville’s professionalism and support within a capital wind energy project in East Africa in the past, which included the use of numerous TeleMAX flatbed trailers”.

De Abreu is pleased to confirm this impression in Mozambique. “I was glad to learn from our long-standing partner Lalgy that they are using Faymonville equipment for our mooring operations in Maputo and to experience once again their support on the operations preparation.”

The mission in Maputo was challenging, but Lalgy and Bolloré Transport & Logistics could rely on state-of-the-art equipment and a competent business partner. De Abreu highlights: “I especially want to recognize Faymonville’s support during the entire vessel operations, contributing to the successful handling of the first mooring chains in the history of Mozambique.”

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