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Zimbabwe’s Walvis Bay Dry Port constructed to enhance business

Zimbabwe government has constructed the Walvis Bay Dry Port as part of efforts to expand business and trade opportunities between Zimbabwe and the rest of the world.

Zimbabwe obtained a 50 year lease for the construction of the Walvis Bay dry port infrastructure. The port is being built by Road Motor Services, a subsidiary of Zimbabwe’s National Railways, in collaboration with the Walvis Bay Corridor Group and the Namibian Port Authority.

The project is expected to give strategic and cost-effective access to the Atlantic Ocean for Zimbabwean industrial and international companies.

The dry port’s construction follows the SADC Protocol on Transport, Communication, and Meteorology, which aims to remove economic barriers by promoting trade.

Zimbabwe and Namibia have worked on a range of regional integration initiatives under the SADC Vision 2050 and Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan 2020- 2030, which were endorsed by the 40th Ordinary SADC Summit on 17 August 2021.

One of the three pillars of the SADC Vision 2050 is infrastructure development to enable regional integration, which Zimbabwe and Namibia are pursuing action through programmes such as port rehabilitation.


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