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Manica Group Namibia heralds in new Managing Director

Manica Group Namibia recently appointed Ralph Immanuel Ruiters as its Managing Director. Ralph is no stranger to the industry as he was previously the Managing Director of Walvis Bay Stevedoring (WBS). Before joining Manica. Ralph worked at Namsov Fishing Enterprises as part of the Bidvest Fisheries Group (Bidfish). He holds a Bachelor of Accounting degree, completed his articles with PwC, and attained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree through the University of Stellenbosch.

Ralph joined Manica in July 2018 as General Manager of Walvis Bay Stevedoring (WBS). In July 2020 he was simultaneously promoted to the roles of Managing Director of WBS and General Manager Port Operations. In January 2021 he was promoted to the role of Executive: Port Operations, effectively managing the Manica subsidiaries Walvis Bay Stevedoring, Ocean Liner Services (ships agency), and Lüderitz Bay Shipping and Forwarding.

Ralph is excited about the opportunity to lead Manica into the future, at a time that presents great prospects for Namibian ports. Manica will be at the forefront, providing the ultimate logistics solutions at our ports.

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Manica Group Namibia
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