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New to BLT WORLD’s range of Meclift variable reach trucks is the Meclift ML1812R multi-purpose forklift truck, which has been designed to move safely and swiftly in confined spaces, like warehouses and cargo vessels.

This multi-purpose reach truck, with a lift height of 6 m, is the only machine in the lifting capacity range of 18 t that can be operated inside containers, for easy loading and unloading of goods.

“These compact and robust reach trucks are equipped with different types of attachments that are specially designed to enable one machine to perform various tasks, quickly, safely and efficiently,” says Ken Mouritzen, MD of BLT WORLD. “For example, a Meclift machine that is fitted with a coil ram or coil clamp, can easily handle steel coils or rolls of wire. By combining the strength of coil handling attachments and the extended reaching ability of these reach trucks, cargo handling operations are safer, faster and more cost efficient.

“Meclift variable reach trucks are equipped with paper clamps for the handling and loading of paper rolls and sawn timber in and out of trucks and containers. Another useful lifting attachment is the double fork system that enhances the flexibility and performance of goods handling. This special double fork attachment offers many benefits when loading and unloading containers or trailers. For example, four pallets or a similar load can be handled easily at the same time and it is possible to fully load a 20 ft container with only two lifts. The weight of the load is not a problem because these double forks can handle the same maximum load of 18 t, which is the lifting capacity of the machine. Double forks use the same fixing points as normal forks, which means switching between the two is effortless.

“Meclift air cargo pallet forks ensure efficient and effortless cargo handling at airports. Lifting booms are designed to handle unusually long objects in confined spaces, especially inside containers. When equipped with the loading box attachment, loading of aluminium bundles into a container is highly efficient. The dimensions of these loading boxes can be custom-made, according to specific needs. The design of this patented tool prevents scratching and bending of goods.”

By extending, lifting and lowering horizontal booms, goods can be handled safely at a distance from the cabin. This cabin can be raised or lowered to provide the driver with improved visibility in all situations. Other safety features include service, parking and emergency brakes.

An important feature is that fork positioning can be altered from inside the cabin, without the operator having to get out to adjust the gap between the levers manually. Forks are available in different lengths, widths and thicknesses according to exact requirements.

The lifting carriage of this machine has a hydraulic side-shift for accurate and effortless positioning. The cabin’s hydraulic vertical movement facility of 650 mm enables the operator to comfortably drive into a container.

Meclift variable reach trucks are powered by a diesel engine and are economical to run, requiring minimal maintenance.

BLT WORLD, which supplies a range of specialist materials handling equipment to diverse industries throughout Africa, also offers a technical advisory, spare parts and support service. Operator training and a condition monitoring service for equipment are also provided.

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