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Cornelder de Moçambique with Contingency Plan for Natural Disasters

In the wake of the damage to its facilities by Cyclone Idai in March 2019, Cornelder de Moçambique (Cornelder) successfully developed a dream project, which consisted mostly of the reconstruction and upgrading of the warehouses at the Port of Beira to suit current cargo trends, as well as to make the facilities resilient to cyclones and other natural disasters such as floods and droughts, which often affect the country, particularly the Central and Northern regions.

The project, which was completed last year, made Cornelder’s facilities able to withstand natural disasters. Yet, with the continual threat of cyclones that could hit the city of Beira, Cornelder has a contingency plan for natural disasters, intended to safeguard human lives, as well as minimize as far as possible the number of potential damages that these could cause either to the facilities or to the normal running of its activities.

As a matter of fact, on 24 and 25 January 2022, Mozambique was again affected by tropical storm Ana, which, although it did not reach cyclone status, created damage in the provinces of the Northern and Central areas of the country, largely due to the rain that the storm was accompanied with.

The city of Beira was not badly hit this time, but owing to the experience with cyclones Idai, Chalane, and Eloise, with a greater focus on Idai, it was necessary to take precautionary measures to anticipate the arrival of the eventual cyclone. In fact, some forecasts predict that in the near future other cyclones may be formed and would hit the Central and Northern regions of Mozambique.

It is with that in mind that Cornelder designed, long before the passing of tropical storm Ana, the contingency plan for natural disasters, seeking to mitigate as far as possible the possible human and other damage that could affect the company and the Port of Beira. The said plan, which outlines the tasks for each sector of the company, seeks to safeguard human lives, documents, materials, equipment, and premises, in order to keep any damage to a minimum.

Items in the plan include, for example, storing all documentation in high places, enclosed and covered with waterproof materials, checking to remove all loose materials that may be washed away by the wind, ensuring that electrical equipment is unplugged from the power source, welding profiles and placing chains on the line of cranes for anchoring, checking windows and doors of buildings to prevent infiltration, as well as stowing immediately after cyclones.

The natural disaster management plan, which will be in place whenever there is a threat of a natural disaster, is designed to prevent any damage to Cornelder’s normal operations.

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