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Zambian Government Formalises Sakania Border for Export and Transit Exit

The Government through the Ministry of Finance and National planning has formalised Sakania Border post to allow for passage of exports and transit goods to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Through the issuance of the Statutory Instrument Number 36 of 2022, signed by the Acting Minister of Finance and Planning Paul Kabuswe, transporters of designated goods as outlined in the SI can now legally exit through Sakania Border.
The usage of Sakania in addition to Mokambo and Kasumbalesa is expected to contribute towards reduction of congestion at Kasumbalesa border.
Further the Government is in the process of upgrading the roads leading to Mokambo and Sakania Borders.
In addition, the Government has advised importers and exporters to take advantage of trade facilitation tools implemented by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) like pre-clearance in order to avoid delays at the borders.

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Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA
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