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Sinotruk International proposes to set up a car assembly plant in Tanzania

China’s leading heavy truck group, Sinotruk International has disclosed that it proposes to set up a car assembly plant in Tanzania. The decision will boost the auto industry development in the country.

The spokesman of the Sinotruk International in Tanzania, stated that the company was motivated to consider the plan by the conducive investment environment for manufacturers. The assembly plant is expected to create at least 500 jobs for Tanzanians and also contribute to the development of a robust logistics transportation industry in Tanzania.

Sinotruk has established its footprints in the transportation industry of Tanzania. It has long-term partnerships with several companies such as GSM, Dangote, OILCOM (T) LIMITED, Tanzania Road Haulage (1980) Limited, Golden Coach/Fleet Ltd, ASAS, AZAM, Mount Meru. Recently over 100 heavy-duty trucks were delivered to GSM Tanzania through its transportation company, Galco

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