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Malawi Begins Importing Fuel Through the Port of Nacala.

Last weekend, Malawi received the first 500 thousand liters of fuel, imported from the port of Nacala. The act marked the beginning of fuel importation, via railway line, through the port of Nacala, in Mozambique.

The resumption of rail fuel transportation comes months after President Chakwera paid a visit to Mozambique, where, among other things, the two countries discussed mechanisms to strengthen commercial exchanges.

In this first phase, the process is being implemented by a private company, and it is expected that by next September, the state-owned oil importing company will be carrying out its imports.

The landlocked Malawian government anticipates that 20% of oils should be imported into the country from the railway and at the moment 15% is being imported.

Quoted by Radio Mozambique, the executive vice president of Malawi’s oil import company, Helen Buluma, said that the country will import 1.2 million liters of fuel daily or an average of 24 million liters per month via rail when the project is stabilized.

Malawi has a stock of 23 million liters of fuel in Nacala awaiting transport by rail.

The National Energy Policy stipulates that by 2022, 30% of the fuel should be imported by road through the Dar es Salaam Corridor in Tanzania, 50% from Beira in Mozambique and 20 % by rail through the Nacala Corridor.

Malawi has been facing high transportation costs for fuel and various products, a fact that led President Chakwera to fight for the resumption of the railway lines connecting Malawi to Nacala and Beira, in Mozambique, more accessible routes for the import of products.

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