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Ctrack Launches Crystal, a game-changer in Online Business Fleet Data Reporting.

Ctrack has 35 years’ experience in vehicle tracking and fleet management, and during that time, they have developed a variety of innovative solutions for efficient fleet and asset management services.

Ctrack is now taking its product offering to new heights by launching its brand new data management solution.

Ctrack Crystal is a fully customisable platform that combines all their existing functionality as well as a host of new features into a new, cloud-based offering that is easy to use. Easy to use means time saving, and time saving not only translates into a cost saving, but also allows fleet managers and business owners to react more efficiently.

Ctrack Crystal relies on the same hardware technology, built locally for African conditions, that customers know and trust, with the data now presented in an easier to use format that allows for swifter decision making and the efficient managing of fleets, no matter their size.

“In this day and age, the usefulness of data is determined by how easy it is to make decisions based on that data. Ctrack Crystal takes the guesswork out of fleet and asset management by offering cutting edge tools and functionality in an easy to use format, “says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa.

Ctrack believes that data must always be available, and it must be presented in such a way that users can easily identify any trends or issues that allows them to put a solution in place in an efficient manner. Ctrack Crystal combines advanced vehicle tracking with a sophisticated fleet analysis solution.

As such, Ctrack has completely redesigned and consolidated their offering into a new product, with a big focus on how data is managed and presented. Utilising proven hardware Ctrack Crystal allows for the management of movable assets, no matter how big or small, in a new and innovative way.

Currently, devices read data and transmit these data points via GSM to a data hub locally. Customers could then access this information via a desktop or mobile apps such as Ctrack Max, Ctrack Drive or Driver Mobi. This is now changing to a much better all-in-one platform at the palm of your hands.


By integrating with hardware installed in vehicles, data is now transmitted to the cloud and hosted within the Microsoft Azure environment, a much faster and more secure solution.

Storing the data on the cloud allows access from anywhere in the world. When the cloud-based software is updated, it benefits all users simultaneously, ensuring a uniform experience for all users all the time.

An advantage is that there is no software located on devices such as computers or tablets as the platform runs from the device browser, this means added security and seamless transition between a variety of devices using the same user credentials.

Real-time web interface

For fleet managers and business owners, this means tracking and tracing solution in real-time, with live updates every 15 seconds. It is no longer necessary to wait for data to refresh.

The powerful software allows the user endless functions to ensure complete visibility. With the cloud-based platform, unlocking diagnostics, creating reports, and viewing analytics is just a click away.

Interactive functionality

Ctrack Crystal is user customisable and features improved functionality such as a live map with traffic views, the ability to send a message to the driver and the setting up of user-defined locations amongst a myriad of other options, from one location, all designed to save time and costs.

The live map will allow users to see exactly where their assets are in real-time via positional data, replay their historical movements and view any alerts, among other functions including the unlocking of diagnostics, summarising of reporting and bespoke, rich analytics.

These analytics offer a graphical representation of large data sets, giving insight into your business through prediction models and trends analysis.

Fleet managers are often inundated with data and Ctrack Crystal aims to simplify operations.

With the use of these tools business owners and fleet managers can reduce fleet operating costs through route optimisation, driver management, risk analysis and fleet risk exposure measures, all in real-time.

With the rollout of Ctrack Crystal, users will be able to choose from a variety of functionality packages and add functionality as their particular needs change, including innovative features like voice commands and live in-cab camera views.

As with many of the functions of Ctrack Crystal the in-cab camera system can be paired with Artificial Intelligence software. As an example, this clever software sifts through the data gathered by in-cab cameras and only reports on the transgressions defined by the fleet manager. In essence, the software takes over a large portion of the legwork that was previously the responsibility of the end user. This results in better quality data that can easily be used to take action.

For existing Ctrack customers the move to the new Crystal platform will be seamless.

New management reports and dashboards

The cloud-based solution offers a more simplified yet more powerful user experience with data and reports readily available. As part of the improved user experience, users will need to make fewer inputs in order to reach the desired outcome. Best of all, the entire solution is fully customisable by the user and according to their own preferences.

For example, summarised data is now available in a graphical view, and there is more detail available in reports if the user needs it.

The snapshot dashboard offers a high-level overview and highlights the most important areas where attention is needed at that time, resulting in quick and decisive decision-making.

This is done by focussing on critical parameters such as what needs to be done today, what assets worked and which did not, presented with graphics, detailing jobs scheduled, jobs remaining, jobs completed, unscheduled jobs, fleet alerts, and geofence visits, amongst others.

Better driver management will result in less risky driving behaviour but better driver engagement and performance, including safer more fuel-efficient drivers.

The optimal management of a fleet of vehicles or moveable assets has a direct bearing on factors such as collision, insurance and fleet costs as well as total cost of ownership which in turn results in better utilisation of vehicles and increased profitability.

Similarly, a fleet health summary gives an easy to understand status on assets and allows fleet managers and business owners to keep a handle on maintenance, servicing and regulatory issues.

The executive dashboard allows decisions to be made more rapidly by highlighting trends based on 72-hour data, selected from any date on the platform, as opposed to the 24-hour view that was given previously. This display allows users to keep an eye on their fleet with readouts of the most pertinent data presented in a manner that makes it easy to understand and utilise in making relevant decisions.

Fleet managers and business owners are now able to define their own fleet alerts to their own parameters. This can relate to anything from long periods of driving, per vehicle, per driver or fleet, to driving outside of the prescribed business hours. The manager will then receive app or email alerts when any of these rules are broken.

This functionality ensures a 24-hour, 365 days a year view of assets prescribed by the user from anywhere on the planet.

New driver app

A new native mobile app, released alongside Ctrack Crystal, now combines the functionality of Ctrack Mobi, Driver Mobi, Drive and OTR (On-The-Road) into one app that is easy to use yet offers more extensive functionality. The use of this app gives fleet managers true control of their operation from any location. The new Ctrack Crystal app will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

Features include, but are not limited to, two-way messaging, business/private use selection, user-configurable settings, driver behaviour scorecard, pre-trip inspection with photos, jobs (To Do / Completed) with navigation, trip information, an integrated camera solution. This app allows drivers to manage themselves from their smartphone and see their own scores and driver behaviour on journeys. In the interests of safety certain functionality can only be accessed while the vehicle is stationary. Voice-activated commands similar to Apple Siri add an extra layer of safety for use while on the move.


Ctrack Crystal allows for the management of any fleet from 1 to 1000 vehicles with easy scalability. As such Ctrack Crystal is the perfect opportunity for small to medium enterprises to enjoy the same advanced fleet management tools as large fleets, tailored to their specific needs and budget.

Ctrack Crystal is an all-new data processing platform that places operational performance, vehicle utilisation and key result figures based on precise clear data, in the palm of your hand, on the platform you choose, or on the device you prefer,” concluded Jordt.

Ctrack Crystal allows the convenient tracking and tracing of multiple assets, and the generation of clear and precise data, all on one easy to use platform.

Ctrack Crystal will be implemented in a phased rollout, culminating during quarter four of 2022. Phase one will see the migration of customers using the light product followed by those that rely on the Assist product offering. Customers who sign up for the new Crystal platform will enjoy a seamless transition from their existing solution.

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