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Customs Clearance – An Indispensable Aspect of the Supply Chain

Customs clearance is an inevitable aspect of any business’ supply chain. The rules and regulations pertaining to the import, export and transit of goods are different for every country and subject to changes. Having a reliable partner that is up to date with the most recent regulations can help to avoid extra costs and delays.

Customs Clearance operations can often lack transparency as laws and regulations are not always easily accessible. This can negatively impact the delivery time of cargo or increase the cost of standing charges and delays due to incorrect or incomplete documentation. For this reason, Alistair Group has implemented multiple processes and initiatives to reduce these effects on our clients’ shipments.

Appointing a clearance representative at each entry point (ports and borders) where we operate.

These representatives ensure all documentation and communication to the various entities are presented in a correct and timely manner; acting as seamless facilitators for our client shipments across international borders

They allow us to detect any potential issues that may arise ahead of time.

Our customs specialists aid our clients through concessions on tariff and costing issues pertaining to valuation, documentation, rules, taxes, duties and more

Customs rules and regulations are constantly reviewed to ensure our client’s cargo reaches its destination in an optimum time

Every document is double-checked by our specialized team

Implementing an online system that provides our clients with complete visibility into the clearance status of their shipment

Our Dashboard provides our clients with real-time updates on documentation verification, shipment tracking and document management

Unlike standalone agents or freight forwarders, Alistair Group is incentivized internally to clear cargo quickly to avoid standing time on our vehicles. When it comes to customs clearance, Alistair Group offers a one-stop solution. We have gained a reputation for being among the timeliest and customer-focused operator in the market. Our efficient integration of services means that we control the entire supply chain and cut out unnecessary mark-ups and middlemen. With our network of international partners, we can clear your goods almost anywhere in the world and ship your cargo by road, rail, air or sea.

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