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Grinding Techniques has been a solution-driven manufacturer of specialised abrasive products since 1981. With an extensive range of high-quality cut-off and grinding discs, vitrified and resin bonded grinding wheels, specialised industrial diamond tools and a wide range of surface finishing products, we are able to provide the perfect product solution for your application with optimum balance between cost and performance.

We became part of the global TYROLIT Group in 2014 – known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of grinding and dressing tools and a system provider for the construction industry based in Austria. With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, we are willing and able to conduct trials, assist with application optimisation, and work in partnership with our customers achieving a tailor-made solution for all job requirements.

With our expertise focused on three key areas, Metal industries, Industrial trade and Quartz industries, we offer a complete package focused on customer service and satisfaction. All our abrasives products are manufactured in compliance to the highest international standards (ISO, EN and OSA) with the aim of producing maximum outputs at affordable input costs.

Whatever your industry, choosing an abrasive partner has never been easier.

Our ANDOR range consists of specialised precision and rough grinding abrasives that are suitable to a range of grinding applications within the Precision and Foundry Industries. These wheels are all manufactured with specialised bonding properties and proven grain combinations that allow for excellent form holding, cool grinding and high stock removal.

The Superflex range carries a variety of cutting-and-grinding abrasives that have been tried and tested for over 40 years. Produced locally at our Head Office in Chamdor, Krugersdorp, these abrasives are manufactured with only the best raw materials to ensure optimum performance upon application.

The latest addition to our range includes Non-Woven Abrasives, composed of abrasive grains that are fused to a three-dimensional support of nylon fibres. Uniform distribution of the abrasives combined with the softness of the material ensures a constant and consistent finish throughout the working process and product’s lifetime. Other product benefits include, high ventilation to avoid overheating of the work piece surface, high flexibility and adaptability to the work piece with lower noise levels and resistance to clogging.

Non-Woven Abrasives are effective on multi materials e.g. stainless steel, aluminium, ferrous metals and their alloys, cast iron, titanium, plastic, varnish and plasters, and available in a variety of derivates.

Pre-cut sheets, also known as hand pads are ideal for manual use or applications with orbital sanders. The same Non-Woven material is also available in roll form that can be cut to the desired length as to avoid wastage. Both mentioned variances are available in Medium, Fine, Very Fine and GP Green derivatives.

Grinding Techniques also offers an extensive range of Convolute and Unitized Wheels in a number of different densities, grit types and grades, all manufactured with the latest technology to provide the best finishing combined with high tear resistance and product longevity. The main applications for these products are deburring, blending and finishing of a variety of materials such as all kinds of metals, plastic and composite materials.

Unitized and Convolute wheels are similar types of products, but with important differences. Unitized wheels tend to be smaller in diameter, usually 150mm or less, making them ideal for use on portable power tools or for working on intricate profiles and shapes. Convolute wheels, being larger in diameter, usually 150mm or over, are ideal for stationary or robotic machines.

Tyrolit Rough Cleaning (Strip It) wheels are ideal for cleaning welds, removing corrosion, rust, scale and paints without excessive stock removal of the workpiece leaving a clean manageable surface to work on. The open structure of our Rough Cleaning wheels avoids clogging and makes them ideal for numerous applications. The Strip-It material is applied to a stiff fibre backing thus allowing it to be used on angle grinders. Our surface finishing range also include Felt Flap Discs with a fibreglass backing for mirror polishing to be used in conjunction with abrasive polishing pastes on variable speed angle grinders.

Our extensive range of abrasives provide application solutions to almost any cutting-and-grinding application  from stock removal to creating the perfect finish. Our Business Development team is constantly developing and innovating our product range, to ensure a partnership with Grinding Techniques will take your business to the next level with increased productivity and profit.

For more info, contact info@grindtech.com | www.grindtech.com | +27 11 271 6400

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