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Ctrack continues to evolve into 2023

Ctrack, South Africa’s leading telematics and fleet management provider, is continuously developing and refining its innovative hardware and software offering in order to provide its customers with the latest solutions in an ever-changing environment. Ctrack continues to strive to offer cutting edge solutions for the simple and effective management of a wide variety of movable assets.

“Ctrack understand that the environment in which we operate is constantly changing and that our customers are constantly facing new challenges. Out of necessity our solutions are always evolving, and we look forward to offering our customers the latest and greatest in telematics and fleet management into 2023,” says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa.

When developing and refining their operation, Ctrack always considers the five pillars of fleet management around which all solutions are developed. Risk, Cost Control, Fleet Utilisation, Operations Control and Asset Control remain at the core of all the solutions that Ctrack offer.

The basis of Ctrack is their hardware solutions that have been designed and refined locally, here in South Africa and truly built in Africa for Africa. This includes everything from compact battery-operated tracking devices to a variety of camera systems, allowing for the tracking and monitoring of a wide variety of movable assets across industries.

With the launch of Ctrack Crystal in 2022, fleet managers were given an all-encompassing, customisable platform. This new cloud based offering places ease of use at its core while combining existing functionality with a host of new features.

Ctrack Crystal is always on and is cloud-based, allowing access to high-level overviews or detailed reports from any device located anywhere in the world. These reports are presented in a user-friendly way that make the identifying of trends easier. Being cloud based allows for seamless live updates, ensuring that Ctrack customers are always able to take advantage of the latest innovative refinements.

Fully customisable functionality combines all the existing features that consumers have come to know and love, along with a variety of new features into a one-stop, do it all fleet management platform.

One of Ctrack’s big advantages is their flexibility and making many of these bespoke solutions possible is their proprietary SMILE technology with which the opportunities are endless.

“Ctrack are able to listen to the needs of our customers and offer them locally engineered solutions that give them the exact results that they require to run their particular business safely and efficiently,” adds Jordt.

With SMILE the same hardware can be used to offer an endless array of control and data in a format that makes decision making easy. The benefits of which have been proven in real world scenarios time and time again. Industries such as crane operators, mining and the farming community have specific needs, all of which can be accurately catered for by this technology.

A growing threat to tracking and telematics industry is that of GPS jamming. This unscrupulous practice not only interferes with the transmission of telematics data that has become a vital part of successfully running a fleet operation but can also prevent the tracking of vehicles or assets as part of a stolen vehicle recovery attempt. Ctrack’s jamming mitigation can detect jamming interference and react accordingly by implementing several mitigation strategies, that will ensure that the integrity of the transmission and data remains unaffected.

Ctrack’s Driver Management tools provide multiple solutions to ensure that operations run effectively, efficiently and safely. These tools allow for the management of operators, access and behaviour across multiple vehicles and assets.

Ctrack’s Bureau Service is the complete outsourcing of fleet control room activities, backed by highly proficient hindsight, insight and foresight data analytics and reporting. Dedicated skilled fleet controllers meticulously monitor vehicle movements, incidents, alerts and alarms from a central support centre, which operates 24/7, and provides real-time support to optimise fleet operations.

“In an environment that can very quickly become overwhelmed by big data, providing feedback that allows for efficient decision making is critical to effectively managing fleets,” concludes Jordt.

Looking forward to 2023, Ctrack will be launching further enhancements to the popular Crystal software platform in the first quarter of the year, providing further proof that Ctrack’s innovative fleet management software is unmatched in the market, providing peace of mind to fleet and asset managers in businesses big and small.

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