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Yango responds to drivers’ demand for better working conditions.

International ride-hailing company Yango has launched several support initiatives in response to driver concerns raised by its operations in Zambia. This is the result of months of research on driver input and the state of the economy, which led to the development of a multifaceted strategy meant to raise driver happiness and profits.

The initiative’s cornerstone is a 23% per-kilometer price hike for drivers across all service categories. In economy mode, urban rates increase by 11% and suburban tickets by 22%, while comfort fares climb by 12% and 17% in urban and suburban regions, respectively. Comfort+ fares saw the greatest increase, with a 15% spike in metropolitan regions and a 23% increase in suburbs.

Yango  Zambia Country Manager Kabanda Chewe notes that this change is intended to promote “economic balance” and create mutually advantageous conditions for all stakeholders, including drivers, riders, and the firm. This follows previous demonstrations by Lusaka drivers who were dissatisfied with the platform’s pricing structure in the face of increased fuel expenses.

Yango is also providing additional incentives to its top-performing drivers in addition to the rate hike. One hundred drivers will get fuel discount cards, allowing them to save money at petrol stations, while food discount coupons worth K50 will be provided for use at Yango Deli, the company’s food delivery service. These policies seek to directly address driver expenditures and concerns.

Yango prioritizes driver safety. The firm vows to continue investing in sophisticated safety features within the app and will add even more in the coming weeks. This commitment is to provide a safe environment for both drivers and passengers, promoting trust and confidence in the platform.

Although the long-term effects of these measures are still unknown, they are a big step in the right direction toward resolving driver complaints and enhancing the entire Yango platform experience in Zambia for both drivers and riders. The fee increase shows a readiness to adjust and come up with solutions in a changing economic climate, as does the targeted discounts and ongoing emphasis on safety. It remains to be seen if this strategy will be sufficient to placate drivers and guarantee their long-term contentment, but it represents a change in Yango’s attitude toward driver relations in Zambia.

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