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Zambia and Botswana agree on the formation of the Kazungula Bridge Authority.

The adoption of a bilateral agreement between Zambia and Botswana to create the Kazungula Bridge Authority (KBA) represents a major advancement in promoting regional commerce and integration in Southern Africa. This agreement, which was reached during the most recent Kazungula Bridge project Joint Ministerial Committee meeting in Gaborone, Botswana, describes the composition and functions of the KBA, a specialized organization in charge of overseeing the vital Kazungula Bridge and the One-Stop Border Posts (OSBPs) that are connected with it.

The KBA will have its headquarters in Botswana, where property has been set up for residences and offices. This choice recognizes Botswana’s geographic advantage from its proximity to the bridge. However, the agreement states that the Executive Director of the KBA must always be a citizen of Zambia to guarantee fair representation and promote a cooperative attitude.

This well-rounded strategy represents Zambia and Botswana’s common goal for the Kazungula Bridge project, which extends beyond merely constructing a bridge to unite the two nations. Commencing its formal operation in May 2021, the 923-meter bridge functions as a crucial conduit within the North-South Corridor, expediting commerce and transportation along this important path. Additionally, it advances the broader objectives of the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) regional integration.

The duties assigned to the KBA will be varied. It will supervise the bridge’s and OSBPs’ effective operation and maintenance, guaranteeing the seamless flow of people and products across the border. Furthermore, the KBA will be essential in luring capital, advancing commerce, and carrying out projects that amplify the bridge’s influence on local development.

The creation of the Kazungula Bridge Authority is a noteworthy turning point in the cooperative efforts of Botswana and Zambia. For both countries and the larger southern African area, the KBA has the potential to yield substantial economic and social advantages by expediting bridge operations, fostering commerce, and advancing regional integration.

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