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Zambia Seeks Support to Become Regional Transport Hub

The government of Zambia is proactively pursuing financial and technical support from collaborating entities in order to realize its aspirational goal of turning the country into a center for regional transportation. The country’s transport industry has a critical role in propelling economic progress, according to Frank Tayali, Minister of Transport and Logistics. Frederick Mwalusaka, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, read the speech he gave on this topic during the Transport Sector Performance Review Forum in Lusaka.

Tayali highlighted the need of cooperation and assistance, acknowledging both the problems and potential. He emphasized the significance of investments in infrastructure, technology, human capital, and regulatory change. Upgrading the road network, extending and updating the rail system, and encouraging terminal links are critical to ensuring efficient and seamless flow of products and people. Furthermore, adopting innovative technology such as intelligent transportation systems and digital tracking is critical for increasing industrial efficiency and transparency.

Responding to the call for support, Daniel Isooba, Transport Specialist at the African Development Bank, representing the sector’s cooperating partners, assured their commitment to enhancing their involvement in Zambia’s transportation sector. They expressed their willingness to offer support and share their expertise from a regional and global perspective. This collaboration aims to accelerate Zambia’s progress toward achieving its transportation hub aspirations.

The potential advantages of achievement are enormous. An effective transportation network would not only improve trade flows and encourage economic growth in Zambia’s diverse sectors, but it would also increase regional integration within Southern Africa. Improved connectivity promotes cross-border trade and collaboration, resulting in a more integrated and wealthier region. Furthermore, an accessible and efficient transportation infrastructure promotes social development, especially in distant places, by boosting access to markets, education, and healthcare.

Zambia has the potential to become an important link in Africa’s economic landscape by creating collaborations and using the skills and resources of collaborating partners. The government’s commitment to proactive engagement with the business sector, international investors, and development partners indicates their recognition that achieving this lofty objective would need teamwork and collaboration. Achieving this objective necessitates addressing the need for technical and financial assistance, and collaborating partners such as the African Development Bank have shown a willingness to help to Zambia’s quest to become a regional transport center.

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