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Yango and Zamtel Partner to Offer Data-Free Rides and Discounted Services in Zambia

Zamtel, one of Zambia’s top telecom providers, and Yango, a well-known global IT business, have recently announced a major alliance. Both passengers who subscribe to Zamtel and partner drivers of Yango stand to gain significantly from this partnership. The principal feature of this collaboration is that Yango rides may now be ordered by Zamtel users via the Zamtel App without requiring data. Additionally, drivers will be able to access the Yango Pro app without paying for data as it will also be zero-rated.

Both drivers and passengers will benefit from this creative partnership’s improved user experience. Travelers will find it extremely convenient to be able to schedule Yango rides without using up their data plans, especially in a market where data costs may prevent them from using digital services. Customers can use ride-hailing services seamlessly and worry-free regarding data consumption by only registering with Zamtel. Through this action, Yango’s services should become more widely available and appealing to Zambian consumers.

Drivers, on the other hand, stand to benefit significantly from this collaboration. They will not only be able to use the Yango Pro software without incurring data charges, but they will also be able to earn extra money by accepting payments via Zamtel Mobile Money. Drivers can also become Zamtel Mobile Money agents, generating additional revenue. This project demonstrates Yango’s dedication to assisting their drivers by giving cash incentives and lowering operating costs.

Additionally, Zamtel will offer special discounted monthly packages for minutes and data, exclusively available to Yango drivers. This includes reduced rates on voice minutes and additional data offers, further lowering the costs for drivers who rely on mobile connectivity for their business. Such incentives are designed to make the partnership highly beneficial for drivers, helping them to save on essential expenses and potentially increasing their earnings.

Kabanda Chewe, the country manager of Yango, showed her excitement for the relationship during the signing ceremony. She stressed that Yango’s goal of giving all of its users a smooth and fulfilling experience is in line with working with regional businesses like Zamtel, which is well-known throughout Zambia. We are thrilled to share the news of our collaboration with Zamtel, which will benefit and provide convenience for both our drivers and passengers. This partnership demonstrates our dedication to giving all Yango users in Zambia a smooth and fulfilling experience, said Chewe. She restated Yango’s commitment to enhancing the value of each engagement it forms for its drivers and clients.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer, Jason Mwanza, also highlighted the strategic importance of this partnership. He noted that Zamtel is focused on delivering a customer-centric approach and believes that the collaboration with Yango will enable both drivers and passengers to access affordable data, minutes, and rides. “For us at Zamtel, our focus is on strategic partnerships that bring value and convenience to our customers. Partnering with Yango to eliminate data costs on the app for both drivers and clients who are on Zamtel is our way of ensuring that we support our customers access the convenience that Yango brings at no data cost, thereby freeing resources to other pressing needs. There are times when our customers run out of data, we want to ensure that does not interrupt their day-to-day activities and business operations,” Mwanza stated.

This partnership between Yango and Zamtel is a strategic move designed to foster greater accessibility and affordability in the ride-hailing market in Zambia. By eliminating data charges for both passengers and drivers, the collaboration promises to deliver significant value, convenience, and economic benefits to the users of both services.

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