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Is the only Zambian logistics journal. It is the top lead-generating magazine in this  industry, thanks to our unique subscription service. Many of our readers we have personally met and we match their purchasing requirements with our advertisers’ products and services. Our editorial is dedicated to the best-in-class application of technology and services spanning the supply chain: from materials handling and warehousing equipment to transport and distribution services, mining logistics solutions, agriculture logistics solutions,  logistics solutions, IT, software and Transit packaging.


Zambia Transport and Logistics magazine is a quarterly journal, with issues published

in February, May, September and November, plus a weekly eNewsletter and daily news updates at www.zambiatransportandlogistics.com The readership of each issue is 20,500. This comprises of 8500 print copies to regular subscribers and new subscribers at all the major exhibitions locally and internationally, plus readers of the digital edition online and from our eNewsletter links. www.zambiatransportandlogistics.com is the no.1 search result on Google for ‘Zambian logistics magazine’ with 80,000 visits per month and 30,000 unique visitors. eNewsletters are sent to 20,500 digital subscribers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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