If we are designing your artwork we require a brief via email or Word document. Images and logos supplied must be 300dpi, CMYK, PDF, or JPG. We cannot use images from Word or websites for print. Proof for approval will be sent by email.

Terms & Conditions


  1. Payment must be made within 30 (thirty) days from the date of Langerman Trading’s invoice.
  2. If payment has not been received within the 30-day period, Langerman Tradings will contact you by email, telephone, fax or post advising you that you have 7 days for full remittance.
  3. If Langerman Tradings does not receive a payment within this specified 7-day period, the debt will be forwarded to our Solicitors and additional charges will be added


  1. All cancellations will incur a 75% cancellation fee on all advertising booked.
  2. If a series of more than one advertisement is booked, there will be a 75% cancellation fee on the whole series of bookings.


  1. All copy for advertisements or other paid-for material is subject to the approval of Langerman Trading. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any such items, even if ordered and paid for, without stating any reasons, and/or making modifications necessary to any advertisements or other paid-for material in order to maintain the publication’s standards.
  2. Every effort will be made to avoid errors, but no responsibility will be accepted for any mistakes that may arise in the course of the publication of any advertisements or other paid-for material. Langerman Trading accepts no responsibility for slight variations in colour in the reproduction of advertisements or editorial photographs.
  3. Advertisers must ensure that the content of the advertisement or other paid-for material complies with all legal requirements. The advertiser shall further indemnify Langerman Trading in respect of any claims, costs and expenses that may arise from anything contained within the advertiser’s advertisements or other paid-for material and published on the advertisers’ behalf.
  4. No guarantee is given that advertisements or other paid-for material will be placed in any specified position on any specified page, without written agreement.
  5. No guarantee is given on the results of any advertising booked in our printed publications, supplements, websites or email newsletters unless expressly stated and agreed in writing.
  6. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to supply the artwork to Langerman Trading within the deadlines stated on Langerman Trading’s confirmation letter/email. If material is not forthcoming, Langerman Tradings reserves the right to repeat old material or to charge the client for the advertisement without it appearing. Advertising material must be supplied in digital formats, as stipulated by Langerman Tradings.
  7. The placing of an order or contract for insertion into the magazine, whether in writing, email, verbal or telephone instruction, will be deemed an acceptance of each and all of the above conditions.